Feel the Power

Have you ever felt the power of the wind? Wind power has some of the most intense power of any force on earth. Ever seen the destruction caused by a hurricane? That was the power of wind. Don’t let the degree fool you. Just because a hurricane wind seems to be different from a small gust of wind through your backyard, they are essentially the same thing. They are both wind. The only difference is is the amount of power. The Evil Wind Rangers are a fantastic demonstration of this type of power.

The Power Rangers have harnessed the power of wind into their Zords. We can all be thankful for this because without the protection of Megazord, we would be susceptible to the attacks of Rita Repulsa. For this reason, Zordon has summoned the Power Rangers this summer to defend the planet using wind power.

Of course, you may be thinking the Zords are powered by dinosaurs. But, what killed the dinosaurs? It was wind! Wind will always win out against anything, even a Tyrannosaurus robot. Even if that Zord is piloted by a teenager that’s been given superpowers by a talking fluctuating wall from another planet, wind power prevails. The Power Rangers know this. And now, so do you.

Wind, out!